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            1. Jingzhou city Haidi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

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              HAIDI PRODUCTS

              Jingzhou Haidi Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd., founded in May 1999, is engaged in the research and development of fine chemicals, equipment installation and technical service. Our main products are inorganic tin series, circuit board organic protective film and etc. They are used as anticorrosive paint and thermal insulation material in chemical pipes and containers. Anhydrous stannic chloride is our leading product, with the annual output of 2,000 tons. It is developed through dry method film filtration and steaming. Since our production of stannic chloride from 2000, no accident has happened. And our production is pollution-free. Currently, our company has 51 staffs, 27 of them are manufacturing employees and 8 of them are engineering technical person.


              No. 14, Zijinshan Lane, Jingzhou District,
              Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, China

              Haidi Fine Chemical

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